Quick History: This Menifee Valley, which was once called Paloma valley, consists of Sun City, Quail Valley and Menifee. Paloma is the Spanish word for Dove.  "Dove Valley" and Quail Valley were named for obvious reasons. 

Now known at the City Of Menifee.  The area  is located in Southwest Riverside county, about 30 miles from Downtown Riverside.  The new Menifee City extends from Scott Road on the West to Ethanac Rd., along the 215 corridor. Menifee size is about 50  square miles and has a population of over 70,000 people. The area is expected to have 115,000 residents by 2030 according to some sources while others say the master plan is designed to have 200,000 to 250,000 residents.

The area was  originally  inhabited and used by the Luiseno Indians and Pechanga Indians who would come out to this area to hunt and search for food.  In the 1700's, the  Spanish empire controlled this area and Pio Pico, the last governor of Alta California, Mexico had this area in his  jurisdiction.  On September 9th 1850, the USA annexed California as its 31st state. 

30 years later, Luther Menifee Wilson arrived to look for gold with little success. The Kirkpatrick and Newport families followed shortly thereafter. The Kirkpatricks owned the land where Menifee Lakes now sits. Near the corner of Newport road and Menifee Rd. is Callie Kirkpatrick elementary, named after the matriarch of the family.


Farming activity beginning in the mid-1800s was concentrated on the valley plane.  Menifee Valley’s name came from a mining development began in 1880 with the discovery of the Menifee quartz load by miner Luther Menifee Wilson.

The valley’s floor provided access to minerals such as gold, silica, pink quartz and feldspar.  Menifee Wilson worked the quartz load that extended eastward from the area near Menifee Valley’s current intersection of Gary / Holland Road, including a number of other mines.  This led to formation of the Menifee Gold Mining District.

The area began to grow in 1989 with the master-planned community of Menifee Lakes and continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in California.
 Watch an old commercial advertising Menifee  Lakes in the early 90s.  Also, view a 1990 video of Newport road.
Prior and during the 1990s,  many Southern California families would come out  to the Menifee area  to camp, ride dirt bikes and  explore the desert.  The 215 highway was a two lane desert road that  connected Temecula to Riverside.
Sun City area-  was established by Del  Web in the 1960s as a senior citizen community. This area became part of Menifee when the city incorporated in 2008.
Quail Valley- used to be a hunting club.  As you may guess, they used to hunt for quail. In the 1930s and 40s, many people from Los Angeles would come out the QV for a quick and fun get-a-way. According to the 2000 census,  there were 1,639 people, 484 households in QV.


Menifee Residents voted for Cityhood on June 3rd. 2008 with official cityhood beginning October 1, 2008. Menifee is Riverside County's 26th city. Menifee's first 5 City Council members are:


The city website is www.cityofmenifee.us

On November 2, 2010 John Denver (district 4) and Scott Mann (district 2) are running for re-election. John Denver will face-off against local residents Carol  "Red" Sullivan and  Anne Pica.

Scott Mann, incumbent,  will face Tom Furhman, Rancho owner and businessman.  

Residents will also vote on measure DD, which will decide if Menifee should  be  represented by the council at large or by district.  The district measure narrowly won in 2008, leading "At Large " proponents to challenge it's validity.

Historical and famous people of Menifee do and have existed.  Please click here for more information.

Menifee Online:

Menifee's first official community website was the Menifee 24/7 Blog, started by Blogger and Online Publisher, Steve Johnson. His first post was November 2004. Menifee 24/7 provides quality information and a discussion forum for Menifee residents. Menifee's first information website was the www.CityOfMenifee.com website, which was started in the Spring of 2005. In the summer of 2008,  CityOfMenifee went on facebook. This was started by community residents. Within two year, the facebook site had 5,000 friends who would

These two sites helped put Menifee on the map in anticipation of a future city incorporation. Other community sites  have come and gone over the years.

For years- the site's online presence was the only online sites that future Menifee residents had to learn about the community and was also a place for existing residents to promote ideas and businesses.  In 2008, cityofmenifee.us went online providing official city information. 

Menifee's first official newspaper was a monthy paper called the Menifee Post. The Menifee Post started in October, 2008. The  Menifee Daily News (MenifeeDailyNews.com) became the first daily periodical and started in October 2010.


If you have Menifee history or pictures to contribute, please email info@cityofmenifee.com




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